Another little mini mood board inspired by lovely finds from Pinterest. How luxurious would this room be with one of those beautiful fabrics as curtains? 
I've just returned from a work trip to Amsterdam. As glamorous as it may sound, I unfortunately had very little time to site see :( 
Here's a sneak peak though! More to come :)
  • The Perfect Palette - If only I had found this brilliant website before I got married! This site is filled with gorgeous wedding palettes! Not only does it combine sumptuous colours together, but it has loads of unique ideas from fabulous weddings. 

  • Style Me Pretty - Another wedding obsessed website! I tried to wean myself off this site post-wedding, but it's just not possible! I'm obsessed with the beautiful photography and all around gorgeousness that is Style Me Pretty. 

  • Eat.Sleep.Wear - I am by no means a fashionista, but I love browsing this fun and funky blog. Kimberly (the author and drop dead gorgeous graphic designer) has such great style. I think part of the reason I love this blog is because I secretly would love to have her life! 

  • Oh So Beautiful Paper - Stationery has been an obsession of mine probably since birth! I can't remember a time when I didn't secretly hoard notebooks and note-cards.  This is a blog by another of my kind, but she had the brilliant idea to showcase lovely stationery (that now gets sent to her! Lucky her!). The majority of the stationery posted is wedding related, but I like to browse the many different letterpress companies that are featured. 


Mood # 2



Here's another tiny mood board (of sorts) that I have put together as a potential future bedroom.
The patterned fabrics are by Duralee Home and can be found on I'm really drawn to the whole range of patterns available and they all have a glamorous antique feel to them.
It's still early days in my mood board creating life, but after discovering Picnik and through inspiration on the Blogging Your Way class, I am beaming with excitement of all the  possibilities!
Below is just a small attempt at a m0od board for a future guest room. My husband and I are moving into our first new home in December (fingers crossed!) and I can't wait to decorate!
I'm a massive fan a colour (I have become Anglicised I'm afraid)! You wouldn't think that judging from my wardrobe, but I love browsing colour palettes and the sheer thought of millions upon millions of different combinations and creations excites me!  As this blog grows and develops, which hopefully it will (!), I'd really like to have a big focus on colour. 

As I was looking for images, I came across a beautiful blog that I'm looking forward to exploring more called design-seeds.  Another colour site that I have come across is called colourlovers where you can create and share colours,palettes and patterns amongst a massive community of other colour fanatics! 

In the meantime, here are a couple of images that I find to be really lovely. 
Image source: design-seeds
Image source: design-seeds
Image source: design-seeds
What is it about the colour purple that just exudes glamour? I love the mixture of patterns in this bed setting. Randomly, the first thing that comes to mind when I see this room is Sandro Botticilli's Primavera.  Do you see it too?

Image from Pinterest
How fabulous is this Adele inspired makeup look? I am going to try this simple, but beautiful look soon!  I hope I can pull it off as well she does....I found this tutorial on Keiko Lynn, a great blog with makeup and hair tutorials.
This week I have had a renewed invigoration to blogging thanks to Blogging Your Way (see post below), and here are a few lovely links I spend lots of time on!
  • Picnik - I don't know what rock I have been under, but this is the most brilliant photo editing site ever and I have only now just discovered it. You can embellish photos in so many different and creative ways
  • Temptalia - I must go to this site about 50 times a day for all the latest in beauty. Christine is especially great in giving sneak peaks to upcoming collections (like MAC, which I am obsessed with) as well as giving honest reviews of new products. 
  • Eat.Sleep.Wear - This is a new blog I have just come across for the latest in fashion (not that I have a chance!) I think I just like this blog to swoon at the oh so trendy people!
  • Decor8 - I'm sure if you're even reading this post you have already heard of this blog, but it must be listed as a daily favorite. Holly Becker has created the most beautiful site filled with inspiration and creativity. 
Couldn't agree more!
Image from Pinterest via Craftily Ever After
I have been living in Oxfordshire for nearly 3 years and have only just realised how beautiful the landscape is! As Autumn approaches and the scenery changes to those beautiful reds and browns, I really want to get out and practice my photography once more.

Last weekend we had an unusually hot weekend for October (the hottest on record to date)! My husband and I decided to take one of the many, many trails through the countryside. We were probably a bit too ambitious with the distance we had originally set to do, mostly due to my being out of shape (but I of course blamed it on the hiking shoes I was still breaking in ;). Still, we had a lovely afternoon and here are some of the amazing landscapes that I am blessed to live near.

Technically not landscape - my diligent husband to guide the way!
Blackberries in October!